Siren, a product of Hysab Kytab Private Limited (HKPL).
Siren is a life-saving mobile app that helps you in vulnerable situations. A single-button app that connects you to relevant authorities like





And Electricity related helplines and simultaneously sends notifications to your emergency contacts.


About Siren

We truly understand the value of life, that’s why we strive to play our part and be there to save lives.

We, as a community are equally responsible to respond to the call of help. Siren basically provides you a platform where you can broadcast your emergency, so that other citizens can reach out to you. A framework that is designed to save time and provide urgent help when one is going through any life-threating situation.

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Helpful Features

Accurate Location

It automatically sends the accurate location of emergency spot to the nearby relevant authority so that help arrives at the right place of incident without any delay

All Helplines at One Platform

Siren is inclusive but not limited to multitude helplines such as those of ambulances, police, fire brigade, CPLC, SSGC, K Electric, Rescue Operations, State Commissioner(s), and Rangers etc.

Emergency Contacts

Siren allows you to add 5 ICE (In-case of emergency) contacts, these contacts can be your friends and family and people you trust with your life. Siren will notify them via SMS.

Panic Alerts

It understands your immediacy and allows you to send panic alerts to the people living in the vicinity. So that they are informed of the incident.

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Be there to help one another

Why Siren

Would you know whom to call?

Will the emergency services make it in time?

Would you be able to help someone else in need?

How would you know if someone is coming to help you?

Would you be able to seek help if you don’t have call balance?

Would you be able to explain the location of your incident?

Siren Can


Connect with authorities

Connect you with authorities like Police, Ambulances, and Fire Stations etc.

Send Location

Automatically send location to both authorities and your emergency contacts on your behalf.

Report Incident

Report an incident to the relevant authority and seek help for you.

Receive Status

Receive status on the estimated time of arrival for the support authority.

Send Alerts

Send out a distress signal (SMS) to all your emergency contacts simultaneously.

With Siren

Authorities Can

Receive and manage incident reports through a signal platform

Confirm and verify authentic reports for further action

Allocate resolution to the nearest relevant authority with driver app

Increase rate of resolution and efficiency by monitoring dashboard

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