1What is ICEs list?
ICE (In case of emergency) is a list of people that you trust with your life. In case of an emergency these people will be notified about your location and other relevant details.
2How many ICE contacts can I add in my list?
Siren allows you to add five emergency contacts.
3Why does siren need access to my contact?
Siren needs access to your contact list only if you are adding ICE from your contact list. If you do not want to give access, you can type the ICE number.
4How do I create ICE contacts list?
Here are simple steps to create ICE list. • Tap on ICE icon (top right). • Tap on add new contact option. • You can either add number manually or select from your phone’s contact list. • Select contact
5How do I remove contact from my ICE contacts list?
Here is a simple procedure to remove contact from your ICE contacts list. • Tap on Ice icon (top right). • Press hold on the contact that you want to remove.
6Where do I give my Feedback?
You can write a review on play store/App store or email us at support@sirenapp.live.
7Why does siren request for my location?
Siren needs access to your location so that relevant authority or help can reach at location.
8Why does siren ask my gallery access?
Siren requests for your gallery access only if you want to attach picture or video clip while reporting your emergency or incident
9How do I access helplines directory?
To access helplines, tap on book icon (top right option)
10Am I allowed to report an incident without disclosing my identity?
Yes. You can report an incident or emergency while keeping your identity completely hidden. To hide your identity please tap on hide my identity button (top right below ICE icon)
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